Austin Rehl

the story

Dear Reader,

I realize this is a commitment of your time and attention. That means a great deal to me.  Especially since this is my debut novel. This story, and those that will follow in the series, are based on stories I created for my daughters, Riley, Allison, and Elayna.  It is to them that this book is dedicated. 

“Rehl Sisters Forever!”

Almost a decade ago I awoke up to the sound of tree limbs falling under the weight of a winter ice storm. The contours of the branches were highlighted in a crystal coating. I dreamed of a girl on horseback traveling with a man who was her protector. My daughters soon learned to ask what happened to Princess Kathleen and her Guardian Jared. I finally turned those bedtime stories into a novel. The story arc will last through a number of books. It will be exciting!

Thank you for reading.


Austin Rehl